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Fastest DRAM with enhanced heat dissipation HBM2E

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The Fastest DRAM solution
SK hynix's 1ynm 16Gb HBM2E is the industry's fastest memory at 3.6Gbps in I/O speed, processing 460GB of data per second using 1,024 I/Os. With 36% better heat dissipation than the previous HBM2, our new HBM2E is a truly efficient memory with robust performance for your system.
HBM Performance Trend
SK hynix leads the HBM market with ambitions for even faster HBM solutions: Our HBM3, under development, will be capable of processing more than 665GB of data per second at 5.2Gbps in I/O speed. A table illustrating how SK hynix's product specifications evolve between HBM2E and HBM3
Thermal Improvement
Our HBM2E has 36% better heat dissipation than HBM2, which allows it to stay on average 14 degrees celsius cooler under the same operating conditions.
Up to 9x Bandwidth, 2x Gen-on-Gen Capacity Improvement
Compared to the 2.4GB/s bandwidth of DDR5 and 64GB/s of GDDR6, HBM2E can perform up to 9x faster, processing 460GB of data per second. HBM2E also doubles the density over the previous-gen HBM2 by realizing a 16GB solution with a combination of eight 16Gb DRAM die, compared to the 8Gb core die density on the HBM2. An image of cards spread out, each depicting an application that needs the industry's fastest DRAM HBM2E, such as autonomous driving, datacenter, 5G networking, and telemedicine

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