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Making imagination reality at blazing speeds 16Gb GDDR6

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Fastest Graphic Experience
For graphics memory, where fast processing of intense graphics data is crucial, SK hynix presents 16Gb GDDR6 as its latest solution. Fitted inside graphic cards and game consoles, our GDDR6 can process data at the fastest possible speeds, enhancing the gaming experience and workstation performance.
Faster Speed & Larger Bandwidth
Relative to the 32GB/s bandwidth of GDDR5, our GDDR6 processes data twice faster with a 64GB/s throughput.
10% Lower Power Consumption
GDDR6 requires 1.35V of power, 10% less than the 1.5V needed with GDDR5. A bar graph comparing power consumption in GDDR5 and GDDR6 and highlighting the 10% power savings in GDDR6

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