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Broad portfolio of high-performance, high-density DRAM 16Gb DDR5

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Next-generation Memory
Having developed the industry's first JEDEC-compliant DDR5 DRAM, SK hynix expects to lead the era of next-generation memory with its 1ynm 16Gb DDR5. The performance enhancements and TCO savings over DDR4 realize greater value for customers, while the 20% smaller power footprint delivers value for the environment and society as well.
Higher DDR5 Speed Lined Up
While 16Gb DDR5 can process data at a rate of 4,800Mbps at present, we aim to achieve faster speeds of above 6,400Mbps with higher density DDR5 in line with the growing demand for greater memory bandwidth.
32 Banks, Dynamic Scalability
DDR5 has double the memory access availability of DDR4 with eight bank groups and 32 banks in its architecture, both twice that of DDR4, supported by the Same Bank Refresh function that allows other banks to be accessed while a specific bank is refreshed in all bank groups.
20% Power Savings
DDR5 is also more efficient, delivering 2x speeds with 1.1V in operating voltage and overall consuming 20% less power than DDR4. An image depicting how DDR5 requires 1.1V in operating voltage, saving 20% power compared to DDR4

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