SK hynix

Capturing realistic
photos with
smartphones CMOS Image Sensor

product detail

A clear sunset captured in a CMOS image sensor
  • 1M-48M


  • 0.8um-1.12um

    Pixel Size

  • 1/11“-1/2”

    Optical Format

  • Captures clear photos in low light conditions
  • Enables the most realistic images with dramatically improved noise characteristics
Vivid Impression with
Intensive Pixel Technology
SK hynix's CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) lineup is advanced, diverse, and optimized to the trend of slimmer smartphones with greater functionality, and includes the 1.0um "Black Pearl" line for smartphone multi-cameras and "Hi-4821Q / Hi-3221Q" with 0.8um pixel technology.
Best-in-class 0.8um Pixel Pitch
with Paired PDAF
The narrow pixel pitch of 0.8um is optimized for ever-slimmer smartphones, while Paired PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) ensures greater image quality. Light fired from a planet in outer space passes through a color chart and reaches the CIS, depicting the Auto Focus feature enabled by PDAF
Remosaic IP for Real-time
Conversion to Bayer format
A re-mosaic algorithm allows users to easily convert real-time between resolution-centric and quality-centric camera modes depending on the lighting conditions.
Dual Conversion Gain(DCG) Pixel: optimizes pixel sensitivity
DCG automatically adapts the camera to surrounding lighting conditions, enabling steady production of high-quality and high-ISO images even when the lighting rapidly shifts. Shown to each side of an SK hynix CIS are clear-colored and enhanced photos of a dimmed living room on the left, and an outdoors landscape in bright daylight on the right.

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